About Us

Apple Pie Intimates Mnfct is a small yet bold up-and-coming lingerie manufacturing and wholesale company. We make Body/Playsuits, lingerie sets, thongs, g-strings, panties and the sexiest bodystockings However, we do not stop ourselves at any styles already set in place and many of our pieces are a style in their own right and transcend traditional lingerie categories.

Our company was founded in 2006 and since then we have continually grown a community of successful retailers.

What we believe in?

We believe in what seems to be a nearly impossible goal in the fashion industry today, that hand made designer quality lingerie can also be at an affordable price. We reject all the useless hype and expensive marketing in which the costs always trickle down to wholesalers and customers alike. We also reject unaffordable pricing mark-ups and margins, distribution, redistribution and representation of chains. We believe that by keeping our products affordable, while maintaining our standard of quality, we can reach and satisfy more customers.

Our creative recipe for affordable high quality lingerie is clearly laid out. Technical knowledge in the initial design. The use of the best fabrics and threads in manufacturing. An obsessive attention to detail our creators inspect for in a completed product. With all the marketing hype cut out, we have shown this to be a recipe for our and our buyers success. We focus on the work of creativity brought to form and continue cutting out costly, time consuming and unnecessary hype. Delivering pure creative designs brought to life and made to last.

However, we do understand there is no true way to put value on fashion today. Most people buy on brand recognition through the expensive marketing campaigns. We consider ourselves rebels to that standard and an alternative in an already very diverse industry. Being of working middle class backgrounds ourselves. Our determination of value is different than that of larger globally structured companies. We do not offer products manufactured from cheaply made fabrics, then assembled by the poorest people in the near slave like working conditions that exist in many of the "manufacturing" nations. We see the high cost of low manufacturing prices as a poor value. A life where workers are choking in smog working in sad conditions is not something beneficial to any of us. Our "value" is quality lingerie with nothing unpleasant attached. Made with pride and worn with pleasure.

At Apple Pie Intimates we design and manufacture lingerie. We have developed close working relationships with our clients and fans alike. Helping young lingerie designers with our experience while doing all we can to treat our retailers and their customers with respect and friendship.