Bright and Cheery Extreme Bikini

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Few things are as fun, or as empowering, as wearing sexy and daring lingerie that makes you feel confident, self-assured and like you are a bombshell: that is exactly the feeling you will get when wearing this piece of extreme lingerie. This micro bikini is just as bright and cheery as it is bold: pink, semi transparent mesh is accentuated by bright, neon green lacing that draws extra attention to your best areas, and showcases your curves all while creating a lovely silhouette. The bra part of this set offers a very fun design that combines pink mesh to cover your nipples while the neon green accentuates your breasts; and the bottom part comes with pink mesh in the front and neon green lacing that joins up in the back in a thong, just to put even more emphasis on your sexy derriere and show of your hips and butt.

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