Romantic Mesh Robe Nude/Black

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If you want a robe that is a little more sexy than the usual one you would wear, this romantic mesh and lace lingerie robe is perfect. It is in a gorgeous peach color and would be ideal to wear on a special occasion. It is a little sheer and falls over the body beautifully. The robe is quite tight fitting and will accentuate your every curve. There is a black drawstring at the waist and long arms with a stunning black lace detailing at the ends of them. The same black lace can be found at the bottom of the robe itself, which actually falls just below the butt. This is the type of robe you could throw on over everything. It is made with really high quality material and it's also very comfortable. Wear this over a hot set of lingerie or nothing at all if you would prefer.

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