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Stretch lace chemise is captivating with its beauty, romance and mysterious lace motif rendered in trims and base details. It features deep cut open neck line and mini-dress length. Whether you are looking for an interesting and sensual way of surprising your romantic partner in bed or you just enjoy the feel of lace underwear garment on your skin, we’ve got the ideal sexy and flattering chemise for you. It’s way more unique and intriguing than a traditional set of underwear as it gives you the aura of mystery but yet shows the little hints and glimpses of what is hidden under it.
The black lace fabric will hug your body in all the right places while accentuating your female curves. This alluring lace chemise has long sleeves and intricate lace trim. Give your everyday bed look a sexy update and prepare for your figure to be worshiped all night long. This night-black chemise will make you feel wanted and desired in the bedroom, while your romantic partner will definitely name it his favorite piece of your clothing.

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