Cute and Feminine Floral Bra

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This cute and feminine exclusive floral bra looks super expensive, sophisticated and yet sexy all at the same time. Delicate black straps come down in a 3/4 cup design for a unique style that is guaranteed to get attention. The bra itself is in an intricate black and purple lace design, these are two colors that really go beautifully together. A "V" shape comes down in the middle from the breasts slightly, which looks really flattering. The back of the bra is quite basic, with adjustable clasps so you can show off as much or as little cleavage as you want. This is a really sexy bra that can also be purchased with matching items to complete the look. If you are planning a romantic night in with that special someone in your life, why not opt for this bra? You are guaranteed to have heaps of confidence and that's because you will look simply stunning.

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