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There's comfortable lingerie that is soft and snug and you can wear comfortably under your clothes without it being too flashy and there's beautiful lingerie with a lot of adornments and details that you can wear on that special night to feel fierce, sexy and powerful. You couldn't have both sexy and comfortable lingerie... until now. This fantastic, beautiful lace bra is covered by a sexy layer of black lace with rose shaped adornments to have you looking and feeling your best as the beautiful lace halter it features gives off a regal, even vampiresque feel so you can enact your femme fatale fantasies.
, looks are not all there is to this bra, far from it: the fit is snug yet comfortable so you will feel your breasts are properly supported and lifted and your back is hugged tightly without the bra feeling either too snug or too loose. Lace fabric: Nylon 88%, Spandex 12%. Straps and trim: Nylon 74%, Spandex 24%. Soft foam molded cups with One Piece Technology.

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